Warm Weather Disclaimer

Our hair/ body butters are made of pure oils and butters which melt at high temperatures (above 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit)  and solidify at cooler temperatures. This does not affect the integrity of the product only the texture.

What do I do if my body butter arrives melted?

If melting occurs during transit please refrigerate immediately or place in a cool area until product re-solidifies then enjoy!

*Please refrain from leaving delivered packages in mailboxes or on porches during warm weather.

Although we make every effort to ensure your butters do not arrive melted in the event that they do we are NOT responsible.

 Are our products really 100% natural?

Yes. When we say all natural we mean it! Every ingredient we use grows in nature or is extracted from those growing in nature. Only the best for our Royals!

Do your products contain preservatives?

Yes and No. We currently only offer one product that contains a preservative as we do not believe in adding anything unnecessary. However when water is present in a formulation a preservative is crucial in assuring no mold or harmful bacteria grows over time. The preservative we use is called Leucidal Complete. It's comprised of fermented radish root and coconut. We include this in our Hydrating Hair Mist to ensure it stays safe.

Are our products safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, our skin care is 100% natural and non-toxic, free of chemicals and harsh irritants. We do still recommend you do a patch test before fully using a new skin care product to ensure there's no unknown allergies.

How long it will take for my order to arrive?

Most orders arrive within 10 -12 business days. That includes our processing time of 3-5 business days. We ship all orders through USPS which takes between 3-5 business days without any delays. Note due to the pandemic unexpected delays may occur.

Holiday Season

During the holiday season our processing time is between 5-7 business days. USPS may experience delays due to the increased volume of packages. We recommend ordering at least 14 business days in advance to insure on time arrival.