What exactly is self care

What does self care mean?

For most of us when we hear the phrase self-care we automatically think of being a little selfish and pampering yourself. In some ways that's true, but self care is a broad subject and honestly one of the most self less things you can do. Self care by definition is the practice of taking action to preserve/ improve one's self and well being. Ensuring you're your best self benefits you and those around you.
What are the types of self care?

Now that we've defined self care lets get into the different types ,there's 5 of them:

Mental- keeping your mind sharp, free of clutter and reducing your stress level

Spiritual- furthering your connection with yourself and a higher power

Social- nurturing relationships with people in your life i.e. family, friends, spouse, etc.

Physical- improving your physical health and outer appearance 

Practical- everyday task done to prevent stressful situations in the future

 what does that look like from day to day?

 Self care is an on going practice there's many things you can do daily, weekly, and even monthly to reach your self care goals.

Mental- taking a break, learning something new, reading a book, doing a puzzle, practice mindfulness, seeing a therapist etc.

Spiritual-  any ritual or practice you do to nurture your connection to yourself and a higher power i.e. yoga, meditating, praying, saying affirmations, going to place worship, fasting, etc.

Social- calling friends/ family, going on a date, having brunch with friends, etc.

Physical- staying hydrated, exercising, spa day, doing skin care routine, getting your hair done, sleeping 8 hours, etc.

Practical-  making a to do list, organizing your closet, creating a budget, etc.

What does The Royal Treatment offer to help you practice self care?

 We offer a variety of cosmetics made from 100% natural ingredients, vegan, and non toxic! They not only deliver amazing results but they're formulated to nourish so you achieve a healthier you!

 -Body Care! Body butter and Body oil  to use daily to keep your skin nourished and moisturized! Body scrub to use 2-3 times a week to exfoliate your skin.

-Hair care! Our full hair care line includes a leave in conditioning spray, hair butter and an oil. Everything you need to keep your hair happy and healthy!



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I love your blog it really helps give me a gentle reminder to take out time for my self and helps guide me to some great products to incorporate into my self care journey. Thank you for your awesome tips and advice.

Jamie Minggia

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