5 skin care tips to live by!

1. Layer your moisture!

 Layering your moisture ensures your skin stays moisturized for longer. Start with a hydrating base then, moisturize and seal it all in! Our favorite combo is water i.e. damp skin, then apply body butter and body oil to top it off. Thank us later ;).

2. Exfoliate weekly

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and cleans out your pores allowing moisture to better penetrate your skin. It also helps to prevent build up. There's lots of options for exfoliants like scrubs, serums, etc. Its important to choose the most gentle yet effective option for your skin type. Exfoliating 2-3 times a week will do wonders for your skin!

3. Wear sunscreen daily

Wearing sunscreen is the easiest way to protect your skin. Whether it's a sunny day or not, constant exposure from the sun's UV rays causes premature aging and can even cause skin cancer. Applying sunscreen daily will protect your skin's appearance and health!

4. Cleanse properly!

Choosing the right soap /cleanser is crucial for healthy skin because many of them do more harm than good. Stripping the skin of all its natural oils or worse damaging the skin's protective barrier. When choosing a cleanser look closely at the ingredients and avoid harsh chemicals or drying alcohols. Also test it out by first washing your hands with it to see how it makes your skin feel.

5. Nourish your body inside + out

A healthy balanced diet and drinking enough water is just the start. The next step is being cautious of what you put on our body. Skin is the body's largest organ and it absorbs everything we expose it to. This makes choosing products with good non- toxic ingredients crucial for healthy skin and your overall body!
And there you have it! Our 5 best skin care tips now you just need the right products so you can achieve the healthy glowing skin you deserve! The Royal Treatment has created an aromatherapy line that includes an all natural soap bar, whipped body butter and a body oil! Click the link below to check it out!

Eucalyptus + spearmint body bundle

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